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I know that your home can be one of your most important assets and the process of buying and selling can be stressful.  It can also be quite rewarding.

Selling?  My team is here to make the process of getting your home sold go as smooth as possible. My detailed marketing plan will set your home up for a great first impression.

Buying?  We will figure out what your criteria is and guide you through the process toward your next home.

We pride ourselves on accessibility, product knowledge and expertise. Let us know how we can exceed your home buying expectations today!


Local Real Estate News & Advice

October Greater Danbury Market Report

Happy November! Still raining out there wondering what this winter will be like but for the moment let’s just enjoy the nice days in between all the rain.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Check out the October newsletter for last months stats, now including...

September Monthly Stats. – 2018

Happy October! It has been a rainy month but Autumn is shaping up. Time for the fall foliage to be at its peak and the dreaded cleanup of all those leaves. The highest home sale price of the month in the Greater Danbury area goes to Ridgefield at $2,550,000 for a...

August Local Market Stats

Summer seems to be drawing to an end as school is starting back up.  The weather is hot, the leaves are falling and in my yard, the caterpillars are thriving, Not sure if that is a good thing.   The high sale of the month goes to a beautiful home overlooking...


Time to relocate to a new area for work, retirement, etc.? What are your needs and wants in your new location? How can you make a smooth transition?

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